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McKinley Elevator provides safe, high-quality commercial wheelchair lifts to ensure every customer, 员工, 客户端, and guest can access your building. We offer installation, 检查, 测试, 维护, and repair for both indoor and outdoor commercial wheelchair lifts to meet a variety of applications. No matter what commercial wheelchair solution you choose, McKinley Elevator offers the expertise, 服务, and products to help your public building become safe and accessible to all.

  • Inclined Commercial 轮椅sbf889胜博发

    Our selection of inclined platform lifts can be used in indoor and outdoor commercial settings. These types of lifts carry passengers up and down both straight and curved staircases, making them a versatile option for many commercial or 公共建筑. Inclined wheelchair lifts carry passengers on a level platform that’s placed above the existing staircase. When not in use, they can be folded to allow for maximum usable space. Inclined commercial wheelchair lifts don’t require an elevator hoistway or vertical platform lift, which can help cut construction costs.

  • Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

    顾名思义, vertical platform lifts use a platform to raise or lower the user between floors. Although this lift functions similarly to an elevator, this type of installation requires less space and most applications are less costly than a traditional elevator. Like inclined wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts can be used inside and outside of buildings. Commercial vertical platform lifts can be customized to add additional enclosure and security, depending on your building’s space and the needs of your guests, 员工, 或客户.

  • ADA Lifts for Retail Settings

    McKinley Elevator’s commercial wheelchair lifts provide beautiful and functional mobility solutions for retail locations, 公共建筑, 企业, 大学, 医生的办公室, 和更多的. Our experts will work with you to determine which commercial wheelchair lift solution is right for your building. 然后, we’ll partner with you to ensure your lift meets ADA compliance at the point of installation and beyond. Through regular 维护, 服务, 和维修, McKinley Elevator can help your building remain accessible for years to come.